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M&M Tree Surgeons have provided arboricultural services throughout our local area since 1988. In that time, we have built a solid reputation for being a leading tree surgery that works throughout Epsom and the surrounding Surrey area. We pride ourselves on the delivery of experienced, professional services for domestic and commercial customers.

While brief descriptions of the services our tree surgeons provide can be found on our home page, here we’ve looked to go into a bit more detail. If you have a question about any of the following services, or wish to get a quote for work in Epsom or nearby areas, give us a call on 07921 188 018.

Our Tree Surgery Services Explained

Crown Lifting – This vital procedure sees our tree surgeons removal the lower portion of a tree’s branches to provide height between the ground and the base of the crown. Reasons you may require this form of tree surgery include:

  • To improve access beneath the tree
  • To improve access of light beneath the tree
  • To improve the aesthetic of the tree
  • To prevent interference or with structures/footpaths/roads below

There are a number of guidelines that govern safe crown lifting, which if ignored, could wound the tree in question. This is why it’s important that trained tree surgeons handle crown lifting on your behalf.

Crown Reduction – The aim of a crown reduction could be reducing the overall size of a tree’s crown due to safety concerns, or to prevent it interfering with a nearby structure; it could also be to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches. In the latter case, we clip branches back to stimulate fresh, healthy growth. Depending on the species, there is usually a limit as to how much a crown can be reduced by our tree surgeons. The species also dictates the approach we take to a reduction, which as a result, shouldn’t under any circumstances be attempted by amateurs. We recommend clients in Epsom and its surrounds contact us to discuss their goals for a crown reduction.

Crown Thinning – This procedure involves the removal of a proportion of secondary branches to shape and balance a crown’s structure. The aim is to achieve this without changing the size or shape of the tree, so it requires careful planning. Benefits that crown thinning affords include:

  • Improved light levels through canopy and reduced shading underneath the tree
  • Reduced wind resistance
  • Reduced overall weight
  • Easier access to other areas of the tree, including access to weak or dead branches that need to be removed

Typically before beginning this type of tree surgery, our team designate a percentage which will dictate how much the crown will be thinned by, e.g a 10% or 15% thin.

Hedge Trimming – A job that many around Epsom and Surrey handle on a DIY basis, there are good reasons to instead bring in professional tree surgeons. For example, you might lack the know-how to responsibly trim a hedge, which if aggressively trimmed might develop serious health issues. Or it might be the sheer amount work that is involved, if you have a number of long or high hedges that are tricky to access, or you struggle safely handling hedge trimmers. Whatever the case, we’re on hand to visit as often as you need us to!

Pruning – Just as with hedges, it’s important that particular trees undergo pruning at pre-determined times within certain seasons. This will provide an array of benefits, ensuring the tree grows healthily and isn’t at risk of become a safety hazard. We can schedule you in to visit at set times throughout the year, meaning there’s one less thing for you to remember or worry about.

Stump Grinding – Not all stumps can be removed from a property after a tree has been felled; yet they can still be a tripping hazard that puts individuals at risks and could mean you’re liable for any injury they incur. For this reason, we provide a stump grinding service to clients in and around the Epsom area. We’ll use powerful stump grinding equipment to reduce it to wood chip, which we can then remove from your site or leave with you, should you wish to use it as fertiliser.

Tree Felling – There are a number of reasons why a tree may need to be felled, and they often relate to safety; a diseased or otherwise structurally unsound tree overhanging a public pathway, for example. M&M Tree Surgeons handle tree felling on behalf of both domestic and commercial clients around Epsom and Surrey, carrying out in-depth risk assessments to ensure that the method of felling, e.g sectional dismantlement or traditional felling, is appropriate and will not cause harm to the surrounding eco-system.

Tree Planting – If a tree is not just to survive, but thrive, it’s essential that it’s carefully planted with its best interests in mind; what these interests are, e.g appropriate soil type and location on any given plot of land, is often determined by the tree’s species and other external environmental factors. Our tree surgeons simplify it all by bringing their vast arboricultural knowledge to the table, finding or establishing the perfect conditions for planting, before handling the often finicky or exhausting work of introducing the trees themselves.

For more information about the tree surgery we handle in Epsom and Surrey, call M&M Tree Surgeons on 07921 188 018.