A Guide to Crown Reduction from Your Local Tree Surgeons in Epsom

While we give a brief explanation of what crown reduction entails elsewhere on our website, we felt that the subject was worthy of its own dedicated blog post. Many of our Epsom clients are unaware of the technical know-how that a tree surgeon must possess to perform a quality crown reduction – one of the more delicate aspects of tree surgery.

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A Tree Surgeon’s Guide to Crown Reduction in Epsom

Crown reduction involves a trained tree surgeon bringing down the height or spread of a trees’ crown, which is defined as a tree’s foliage bearing portions. A tree surgeon can accomplish this by making a series of small cuts to parts of the crown which will be identified in a pre-reduction survey (under 100mm in diameter, generally). The precise nature of each cut ensures that the crown’s main framework is retained.

Typically, M&M Tree Surgeons carry out crown reduction on trees in Epsom that have become or are becoming unsuitable to their surrounding environment. For example, by no longer being able to take in enough light due to increasing foliage density, or by simply growing too tall. Ideally, once tree surgeons have finished a crown reduction, a tree’s crown will appear similar in shape but smaller in size. This makes it a great solution for Epsom landowners who feel that a tree has become too big to handle.

When is crown reduction the right form of tree surgery?

  • The tree has become too large, but felling is too radical a solution
  • The tree may be unstable due to changes in its surrounding environment
  • The tree isn’t getting enough light due to the density of its foliage
  • The tree is in danger of encroaching on nearby property
  • The tree’s crown is misshapen

When is crown reduction the wrong form of tree surgery?

  • The tree is a conifer or Maple; neither are well suited for crown reduction
  • The tree is poorly positioned and will soon be a problem again; felling and re-planting is a more long-term solution

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