If you’re looking to transform your garden with an attractive patio, you’ve come to the right place. The landscapers at M&M Gardens help reimagine outdoor spaces with bespoke patios built from a range of different materials, including natural stone and block paving. Why a patio? Because they’re distinctly useable spaces that are ideal for dining with family, or entertaining friends. They encourage property owners in Epsom and wider Surrey to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Our Bespoke Patios in Epsom & Surrey | M&M Gardens

On this page, we’ve run through a few of the materials that prove popular amongst our clients. If you’re struggling to decide on one, or you’re already sure of what you’re looking to achieve, then don’t hesitate to call our friendly team of landscaping veterans on 07710 308 577. We’ll talk through the project, before issuing you a no obligation and highly competitive quote.


Choose from a Range of Patio Materials


Natural Stone – While the specific traits of natural stone depend on what type you opt for, generally speaking they’re united by two common factors: a beautiful, organic aesthetic and impressive durability. When building patios for home and business owners throughout Epsom and Surrey, we often recommend locally sourced stone due to its likelihood of blending into your garden’s wider look, as well as due to how environmentally friendly this approach can be. Common stone used for patios includes: slate, limestone, granite and sandstone.


Block Paving – Just as with our driveways, you can build patios from pavers which you can mix and max to create a completely original pattern, out of an array of colours. Highly versatile and more affordable than you might think, block paving patios are also known for their ease of repair – but like driveways, they require regular maintenance.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete – In the past, concrete was seen as better suited for commercial driveways and similar “no frills” applications within hard landscaping. But the popularisation of pattern imprinted concrete, which lets you get the strength and longevity of concrete with a more interesting, stylised aesthetic makes them ideal for patios around Epsom and Surrey.


Tile – You can’t beat tile for that easy-going, Mediterranean vibe. In the sunshine, it’s really unrivalled and is a joy to relax on. However, Epsom and Surrey clients should be sure to tread carefully after a heavy period of rain as they can get quite slippery. Both ceramic and terracotta tiles are ideal for these types of patios, but certain products that fall under the latter category can struggle to deal with harsh winters.

What are you waiting for? Patios are fun, useable spaces that are proven to add value to Epsom and Surrey properties. Call our landscapers on 07710 308 577 to discuss your ideas.

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