M&M Tree Surgeons have provided arboricultural services throughout our local area since 1988. In that time, we have built a solid reputation for being a leading tree surgery that works throughout Epsom and the surrounding Surrey area. We also undertake hard and soft landscaping projects for an ever-growing client base.


We pride ourselves on the delivery of experienced, professional services for domestic and commercial customers.

Established Tree Surgeons in Epsom for 30 Years

Call 07921 188018 for a free quote on tree surgery requirements in Epsom and the surrounding Surrey area. Please call 07710 308577 for any landscaping requirements.

We now provide the following tree surgery services in Epsom:


  • Crown Lifting – The removal of lower branches on the tree which have become obstructive and untidy. This is a common type of tree surgery.

  • Crown Reduction – Our tree surgeons cut back the crown of the tree. This work is undertaken to eliminate disease, restore shape and tackle weight issues.

  • Crown Thinning – The removal of branches to produce a balanced crown structure to an original shape. Work results in more light passing through the canopy and a reduction in shading. It also removes weak and dead branches

  • Hedge Trimming – Our tree surgery can tend to your hedges as part of a contract maintenance schedule or as a one-off job in the Epsom and Surrey areas.

  • Pollarding – Upper branches of the tree are removed by a tree surgeon to provide a full head of foliage and to keep the tree at a manageable height.

  • Pruning – Pruning ensures your trees grow healthily and in a formative shape.
  • Site Clearance – We can remove all fallen trees, garden debris and green waste for recycling. Our Epsom-based tree surgery is environmentally aware.

  • Stump Grinding – The removal of the potentially hazardous tree stump using specialist machinery. Stumps are reduced to below-ground level.

  • Tree Felling – Tree felling is used for many reasons. We remove all trees safely in full or in sections. Our Epsom tree surgeons use rope lowering systems or a crane to provide complete safety on sectional dismantling projects.

  • Tree Planting – We can plant trees and shrubs at a competitive price to help transform the landscaping theme of your Epsom or Surrey property.


Our landscaping department works in unison with our tree surgeons to achieve bespoke garden spaces. Every tree surgeons working for our company has trained at Merrist Wood College in Surrey. Our landscapers have many years of combined experience.


For more detailed information on our tree surgery services, call us today and talk to one of our team. We offer full and free no-obligation quotes on all of our work and will arrange an initial consultation a time to suit to you. M&M Tree Surgeons of Epsom are fully insured and we provide unconditional guarantees of satisfaction on all work undertaken.

Tree being cut
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