Garden spaces can have incredible individual features, like a perfectly maintained lawn or beautiful centrepiece patio, yet somehow still fall short of perfection; they need to be considered as the total sum of their parts, with every element contributing to the success of the overall design. One often-neglected aspect of gardens is fencing, which the M&M Gardens team supplies and install for clients throughout Epsom and surrounding Surrey locales.

We Supply & Erect Stylish, Sturdy Fencing in Epsom & Surrey | M&M Gardens

Fencing has two or three core jobs it needs to do: keep intruders and prying eyes out, and ensure pets or young children can safely enjoy a space without wandering off and getting lost; it should also look good. Neglected or poorly installed fencing can really impact how attractive a garden is, while also proving a health and safety hazard (it could fall and injure someone).


Below, we’ve taken a look at a few of the different styles of fencing that we supply and install for Epsom and Surrey residents. If you’d like to learn more about our fencing solutions, or another aspect of what we do as the areas’ go-to landscaping professionals, don’t hesitate to call us on 07710 308 577.


Fencing Types & Styles


Traditional / Overlap Fence Panels – Perhaps the most popular form of fencing we erect for Epsom and Surrey property owners, these are horizontal boards which overlap, and feature what is referred to as a waney edge. One edge often still has bark on, while the other edge is square. This form of fencing is known for providing a good deal of privacy and security, and being great value for money.


Feather Edge / Closeboard Fencing – Similar to the above but stronger and sturdier, feather edge fencing is commonly chosen by security conscious clients who want something that can withstand some punishment. It’s created by securing tapered boards vertically, to create a solid end product. It can be installed in-situ from individual boards, or pre-fabricated.


Picket Fencing – Often found in front gardens in Epsom and throughout Surrey, these feature smaller posts than the types of fencing previously discussed. While they offer next to no privacy or real security, they’re instead chosen for marking boundaries, keeping in pets and small children, and their charming, timeless aesthetic.


Decorative Fencing – This category contains all sorts of different fencing styles, including lattice and horizontal weave fencing. Some types can in fact add privacy to a back garden, depending on their opacity and height, but typically they’re there to add some extra flair to a garden and to unify other element – e.g particular plants or a garden centrepiece.

Secure your garden in style with high quality fencing from M&M Gardens, the Epsom & wider Surrey area’s first choice landscapers. Call us today on 07710 308 577.

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