Tired and old driveways can pose a few different problems. Firstly, they sacrifice the curb appeal of a property and create an awful first impression on visitors or potential buyers. Secondly, they can simply prove not fit for purpose, damaging vehicles’ tyres and wheels and leading to the need for automotive repair. M&M Gardens, the Epsom area’s favoured local landscapers, are on hand to help home and business owners throughout the wider Surrey area with these issues. How? We install attractive, modern driveways that can significantly improve a property’s value.

We Build Eye-catching & Long-lasting Driveways in Epsom & Surrey | M&M Gardens

Below, we’ve run through a few of the different materials we commonly employ for driveway projects in Epsom and surrounding Surrey locales. If you wish to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, and subsequently receive a no obligation quote, then pick up the phone and call our landscaping specialists on 07710 308 577. We’re also happy to answer any question you might have regarding information on this page, or elsewhere on the M&M Gardens website.


Types of Driveways We Build


Block Paving – Sourced in small pavers that can be mixed and matched to create eye-catching and highly original designs, block paving is an increasingly popular option for driveways in Epsom and wider Surrey. Block paving driveways, if damaged, can be easily repaired as pavers can be extracted and new ones put in. However, they do require maintenance to ensure moss and algae don’t begin to grow in the spaces between them.


Resin – There are two forms of resin driveway, which are somewhat confusingly named: bound vs bonded. Bound sees natural aggregates mixed up with recycled materials and a clear resin. This is immediately laid upon a base, giving a smooth and permeable finish. Their depth usually sits between 12mm and 24mm. These driveways are durable and deal well with the weather. Resin bonded is a different approach, which involves first applying a layer of resin to a base, before the application of dry aggregate. This is impermeable, but has a more textured and naturalistic finish.


Cobblestone – These driveways exude class, and recall the grand driveways of days long gone by. While seen as one of the more expensive forms of driveway you could opt for, they’re incredibly desirable and seemingly immune to changes in “what’s hot and what’s not”. The pavers themselves are usually made from granite or basalt. They’re tough and don’t require too much maintenance.


Natural Stone – There are all sorts of varieties of natural stone that you can choose from, and each brings something unique to the table. For example, Indian sandstone is completely one of a kind with its deep and rich hues, and a great choice for Epsom clients looking for a premium material.


Gravel – A timeless and distinctly British choice for driveways, gravel can be sourced in different sizes and different types of stone, which you can then mix to your desired aesthetic affect. Security-conscious Epsom and Surrey clients who want to be able to hear whoever is approaching the house, e.g a potential intruder, often choose them.


Tarmac – Cheap and effective, tarmac is not just a utilitarian choice – when installed by skilled landscapers like our own, it can provide a sleek, minimalist look that proves a simple introduction to your main property. Easy to maintain and quick to lay, the only downsides are limited choices when it comes to customisation, and a lifespan that tends to be a bit shorter than other, more durable materials.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete – We’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of pattern imprinted concrete driveways in Epsom and wider Surrey; they’re enjoying a moment “in vogue”. This is due to the fact they boast the strength and functionality of concrete, but with added flair: the concrete is stamped with your choice of patterns or designs; colour can also be customised.

For more about the beautiful driveways we build in Epsom and all surrounding Surrey locations, call our friendly landscapers on 07710 308 577.

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