While similar to patios in how they add highly useable space to gardens, decking has a slightly different feel to it – both underfoot, and in terms of the general aesthetic. Decking can also add dynamics to a garden, due to the fact it is raised off the ground. This opens up a realm of possibilities for Epsom and Surrey clients who want to explore how building up certain areas can contribute to success on the Y axis, not just the X.


The M&M Gardens team, as the Epsom and Surrey areas’ leading landscapers, design and install stunning decking which can totally transform garden spaces, whether it serves as the beginning of a total re-imagination, or the final piece of a puzzle. We work with a range of materials, which are explained further down this page, and pride ourselves on delivering bespoke decks at competitive prices, ensuring quality workmanship is affordable for all.

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Your Decking Options


Pressure-Treated Softwood – One of the more budget-friendly forms of decking, pressure-treated softwood is also the most popular amongst our Epsom and Surrey clients. Due to said treatment, it’s far more durable than untreated softwood (which is simply not suitable for use as garden decking), and can last a long time when well looked after. Easy and quick to install, softwood decking does require a fair bit of maintenance compared with alternative options, to keep it from warping or splitting.


Hardwood – If you have a bit more money to play with, hardwood decking is a fantastic option. It looks incredible, and is resistant to issues such as rotting, warping and splitting. Owners of hardwood decking in our principal service areas of Epsom and Surrey still need to keep on top of regular maintenance, however. Other drawbacks include a slightly more extended installation time; but for most this isn’t really an issue.


Composite – This form of decking is made up of recycled plastics and wood-flour. It’s relatively new compared to the other options available, but they’re rapidly gaining in popularity due to being incredibly easy to take care of. Simply wipe them down with soap and water from time to time! They’re also very durable and long lasting, and don’t suffer issues with mould, insects or moisture. Perfect for people who want decking that can be installed and used, but otherwise forgotten about.


PVC Plastic – Made from 100% recycled plastics, PVC decking is an environmentally friendly alternative to timber. It’s immune to warping and splitting, and like composite is easy to keep in good shape. Drawbacks include the relatively high price of PVC decking, and some of our Epsom and Surrey clients find it looks a bit too artificial for their particular taste.

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