Designing a new garden can be an intimidating prospect. There’s a lot that goes in to it, from considering hard landscaping features to anchor it, to the plants and vegetation that will flesh it out.


On this page, our Epsom based garden designers have listed down some points well-worth considering when deciding on how you want your garden to look. Need a hard landscaper or landscape gardener in Epsom right-away? Call 0208 393 8144 or 07710 308 577.

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Designing Your Epsom Garden


THEMES TO CONSIDER – Why not base your garden around an established theme? Our landscapers have built formal gardens, Asian gardens, tropical gardens, cottage gardens and woodland gardens for Epsom homeowners. Formal gardens tend to feature strong lines and boundaries, single-colour plantings matching a home or garden fencing, and a moderate amount of statuary and similar ornamentation.


Asian gardens, like Japanese Zen gardens, tend to feature raked sand or stones. Bamboo and similar Japanese vegetation/flowers like iris, azalea and dwarf conifers, also contribute toward a feeling of historical authenticity.


Tropical gardens typically employ colourful, large plants and water features – a fountain, for example. You don’t need to stick to a theme, consult with a skilled landscape gardener and feel free to get creative. Themes do, however, act as good springboards to kick off the design process.


BREAK IT DOWN – When planning an outside space in Epsom, our garden designers break the job down bit by bit, and you should do the same when considering what you want out of your garden. Think about each area of the garden separately, while keeping in mind how they will combine to form a uniform, coherent space. First there’s the “floor” of your garden to think about.


You might be looking for a garden lawn surrounded by plant-able soil, completed with a patio area and joining path, for example. Then you want to consider whether you want walls, fences, hedges or perhaps a trellis in your garden. In your head, picture where if any furniture will be placed, and how each element will complement another.


FIND INSPIRATION – If you find yourself unsure where to start, call up our Epsom garden designers for advice. But know that there are countless websites worth visiting featuring the latest landscaping trends and garden design tips. One of the best ways you can communicate what you’re looking for to our landscapers and garden designers, is by showing us any visual inspiration you’ve found online or in magazines. When a landscaper looks at a garden, they see a whole realm of possibilities.


Try and get into this mind-set, but ensure you balance out form and function. Our landscapers have visited certain poorly designed gardens in Epsom which look great, but are a nuisance to use. Likewise, some gardens are an eyesore but perfect for the kids to play a game of football in. Ideally, you’d like a functional yet beautiful garden, and this where an M&M landscape gardener can help.


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